Polk State College Gets 13-year-old Student

13-year-old Alex Manjarres is Polk State College’s youngest student ever and in some ways he’s a typical college student.

He has his favorite classes are ethics, college algebra,  and general psychology….is aspirations, to become an anesthesiologist.

By the time, Manjarres is 15, he’ll have both his high school diploma and his associate’s degree.

“When we heard about Alex, my first response was, ‘Oh, my goodness’ ” said Sallie Brisband, director of the Polk State Lakeland Collegiate program.

The program is typically for high school juniors and seniors but he’s surprised them all with his ability to fit in, although advisers carefully look over his classes to avoid those with mature themes.

Armando Manjarres says his son has responded well to the mix of high school and college classes. He says he has known since his son was 3 that he is very intelligent.

“As a parent, building the foundation of your kids’ education should be a priority,” Armando Manjarres said.

Alex Manjarres said he likes the challenge of college.

If he stays on track, he’ll be practicing medicine by his mid 20s.