Police Kill Man After He Shoots Girlfriend

Carlos Crompton

ST. PETERSBURG — Shots rang out. Two, maybe three.

Richard Taylor, 40, was walking to a neighbor’s house on 14th Avenue S when he heard the blasts. He dove to the ground and kept his eyes down. A block away, someone yelled, “Drop the gun!”

Late Tuesday, two St. Petersburg police officers shot and killed a 39-year-old man after he fired at them with a .38-caliber revolver, police officials said. The officers were not injured. The gunman, Carlos Crompton, died hours later at Bayfront Medical Center.

Earlier that evening, officers say, Crompton shot his former girlfriend multiple times at Dover Apartments, 3545 30th Ave. N. Then he got into his black Chevy sedan and drove to the 3200 block of 14th Avenue, where he stayed with relatives, police spokesman Bill Proffitt said. That was where police found him standing by the car, holding a .38-caliber revolver. After he fired at the officers, they returned fire, Proffitt said.


Source:  TampaBay.com