Play-DOH! Toy Maker Has Epic ‘Facepalm’ Over Obscene Toy

Play Doh

If your child received a Play-Doh set from Santa this year, you might want to take a closer look.

As some children excitedly opened their presents, some parents became quite alarmed when they noticed that a certain part closely resembles a portion of the male anatomy.

The product is the Play-Doh Sweet Shoppe Cake Mountain and the item in question is the ‘extruder,’ which looks an awful lot like…well…scroll down and see for yourself.


(Warning: These images may be upsetting to some)


Play-doh toy
Play Doh

Hasbro, the company that manufacturers Play-Doh products, has announced that it will offer a replacement part to all existing Play-Doh Cake Mountain sets and it will update all new sets it manufacturers.


Play-doh LOL2Play-doh LOL3Play-doh 4Play-doh 5

No word on if there were any firings over this epic fail, but we can imagine that the company’s social media department is having to work overtime this holiday season.

If you would like a replacement part on the product, you can contact Hasbro’s customer service department at 800-327-8264.