Plane Lands in Pasco Subdivision

It appears the pilot of a single-engine plane mistook a Pasco County neighborhood for a nearby airport landing strip.

According to deputies, the 22-year-old student pilot said his GPS indicated that Citation Road in the Pasco Trails subdivision was a Pilot Country Airport landing strip. The airport is less than three miles from where he actually landed.

His Cirrus SR20 plane hit some mailboxes, small trees and a fence. No one was injured in the landing.

Dave Torro saw the plane land in his neighborhood and tells 10 News he spoke with the pilot afterwards.  According to Torro, the pilot was from China and did not speak English well.

“He said, ‘We land here all the time … this is Pilot Country.’ And I’m like, ‘No. It’s not.  This is a horse community and you got them mixed up,'” Torro recalls.

The plane had taken off from Sanford. The FAA will be investigating the incident.

10 News