Perry Fires Back at Romney, Bachmann Criticism

ORLANDO, Fla. (AP) — Rick Perry is brushing off a shaky performance at last night’s GOP debate in Florida, saying voters don’t want to elect the “slickest candidate” or the “smoothest debater.” He says they should be looking for “the candidate with the best record and the best vision for this country.”

Perry says Bill Clinton could “sell ice cubes to Eskimos. And then the next day, he’d be against ice cubes.”

That was seen as a rap against Perry’s chief GOP rival, Mitt Romney, who has reversed his position on touchstone subjects.

Romney and fellow candidate Michele Bachmann have been attacking Perry for signing a bill that grants in-state tuition to some illegal immigrants. Perry said during the debate that if people would deny education to children who have come into the state “by no fault of their own,” then he doesn’t think they “have a heart.”

Romney responded today in Florida, saying that if you’re opposed to illegal immigration, “it means that you have a heart and a brain.”

And Bachmann said, “We will not have taxpayer-subsidized benefits for illegal immigrants or their children.”

Source: Associated Press