Patient Attacked In Her Hospital Bed in Orlando

Deianeira Brown

An Orlando woman is planning a lawsuit against Florida Hospital for negligence, saying that the hospital did nothing after she reported that another patient molested her in her hospital bed.

“When I close my eyes, I see him,” Deianeira Brown told Angela Jacobs of Channel 9. “I see what he did. I don’t sleep at night hardly no more.”

Brown stayed at the hospital in October 2013 before a gallbladder surgery. It was during this time that the incident occurred, just hours before her surgery.

Brown details the incident, saying that she was confused on what was happening.

“I don’t know what he done to me,” Brown told Jacobs. “I know he had my gown all the way up. He was on top of me.”

Brown said she pushed the man, who was naked from the waist down, off of her and began yelling to wake up her roommate in the hospital room, Susan Knox.

After being woken up, Knox ran for help. Hospital staff removed the man from the room but never wrote a report on the incident.

“I asked them to write it up. They never did,” Brown said. “Everything I asked them to do, they never did nothing. They treated me like I don something wrong.”

Brown filed a complaint with hospital security as well as a report with the Orlando Police Department, a case which has since been closed. Brown was told by OPD that the man who attacked her in her room will not face charges because he was mentally impaired.

The Florida Hospital tells a different story of the event, saying Brown’s claims were investigated.

“The Orlando Police Department and Florida Hospital thoroughly investigated this allegation and determined that no crime was committed,” said Florida Hospital in a statement to Channel 9. “The version of events reported to the police and to Florida Hospital a year ago is dramatically different than what is now being claimed.”

Brown plans to sue Florida Hospital for negligence because the man should never have been able to enter her room and attack her.

“I can file suit to find out what happened… The facts speak for themselves,” said David Best, Brown’s attorney. “If that happened, they were negligent.”