Pasco Mom Instigates Girl Fight [VIDEO]

Officials say that a 33-year-old woman drove her 13-year-old daughter to a fight with a peer and encouraged the girl to brawl, and that two bystanders recorded the incident on video. Pasco County Sheriff’s officials said Monday that Tabitha Anne Bennett is charged with child abuse, assault and battery offenses. Deputies say Bennett sent a Facebook message April 12 to a 14-year-old girl, telling her that she was bringing her daughter to fight her. Deputies say at least two people recorded the fight and posted video footage on social media. Officials say Bennett was captured kicking and pulling the hair of the 14-year old and was seen yelling and encouraging her daughter to fight. Bennett was released from jail Sunday on $10,500 bail. It is unclear whether she has retained an attorney who could be reached for comment. There were no serious injuries from the fight, and Bennett’s 13-year-old is now staying with another family member while DCF investigates.