Paralyzed Detroit First Responder Loses Pension

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From the Food Nation Radio News Desk

As a youngster, Brendan Milewski watched as firefighters rushed into a burning home and fought to save the lives of those trapped inside.  It was at that moment, Milewski decided what he wanted to do for a living.  He took the required classes while attending community college and in 1999 at the age of 20, was offered a position with the Detroit Fire Department.

Do you remember where you were on August 13, 2010?

Brendan Milewski will never forget.

The veteran of the Detroit Fire Department never made it inside the fire station that day as an emergency call came in for what turned out to be the work of an arsonist at a commercial building.  Minutes after arriving, an outer wall collapsed and in an instant, Brendan Milewski became a T-6 paraplegic.

Now, Milewski faces yet another challenge.  The now retired firefighter faces the loss of his pension and medical coverage as the city of Detroit tries to reorganize its debt in the wake of bankruptcy.  If he is unable to secure insurance (in a very unstable insurance market) he will receive a $2oo a month stipend from the city and little else.

This week, “The Dougherty Report with Elizabeth Dougherty” spoke with Brendan Milewski about his injury and how his former employer, the City of Detroit, is breaking its promise to protect those who protect and serve.

Why you should listen:  This story goes far beyond the borders of the Motor City and has far reaching implications for ALL pension holders.  Both municipalities and corporate executives are looking for ways to jettison the promises made to their employees and shed their pension plan.  

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