Is Disney Increasing Ticket Price Fair?

Disney Prices Are Skyrocketing To An All Time High For Each Theme Park.

You may have visited Disney as a little kid years ago or have just recently experienced the Happiest Place On Earth. With constant upgrades to their theme parks, you can always expect a change in your Disney experience and you most likely will have a different but memorable time.

What you wouldn’t expect to change is the high ticket price change from $99 to $105.

Now topping over the $100 mark for a single day pass, The Magic Kingdom at Disney World in Orlando will now charge an even more expensive price to visit Mickey and his friends.

The Magic Kingdom is not alone in this price change.All of Disney’s theme parks in Disney World and Disney Land have upped their prices.

It’s only a few dollars more but Disney will surely see their bankroll go up, up, up and still anticipate an increase in attendance for the 2015 season.