Orlando Deputy Foils Plan to Steal iPad 3’s

ORLANDO, Fla. (AP) _ A plot to rob a shipment of Apple’s newest iPad from a central Florida store was foiled by an Orange County Sheriff’s deputy.

The sheriff’s office says 24-year-old Jasmin Roman and 26-year-old Juan Carlos Ortiz Valez bought guns, handcuffs, black clothes and other items to rob the Best Buy store near Orlando’s Florida Mall early Thursday.

The plan was to take the Best Buy manager at gunpoint.

But their plot was foiled at about 4 a.m. by sheriff’s Sgt. Robbie Zeller, who was patrolling the area in an unmarked vehicle.

Just before the end of her shift, Zeller spotted a U-Haul, became suspicious and called for assistance.

When deputies stopped Roman and Valez, the couple was calm and eventually confessed to their plan.

Detectives say Roman and Valez wanted to rob the Best Buy of its Apple products, including a shipment of the new iPad.

Deputies found two handguns, eight handcuffs, chains, a lock, masks, gloves, binoculars, mace and a knife in the U-Haul.

Roman, a Best Buy employee, was arrested on charges of conspiracy to commit robbery and conspiracy to commit kidnapping with a gun.

Valez, a former store employee, was arrested on a count of conspiracy to commit kidnapping with a gun.