Online Doctor Visits Growing In Popularity

So, depending on your degree of hypochondria, you think you a have the flu? Or maybe it’s the dreaded norovirus? Then again, maybe it was the sushi. In any case, you want to know, and as quickly and conveniently as possible. Doctor appointment.. how about not until a week from Monday?

Emergency room… who wants to sit around people who, well, might really have something? How about, “Doc, can you come right over?’ Well, not exactly, but HealthTap is a mobile health platform with more than 10 million daily site visitors, revolutionizing the doctor visit with the “virtual” house call. With just a click of a button, HealthTap can put you in touch with a doctor for a virtual consultation…and you didn’t even have to get out of bed.

HealthTap’s CEO Ron Gutman joins us in studio with more on how HealthTap could save you some coin (the virtual house call service costs just $99 a month), can qualify for insurance coverage, and can put your self-diagnosis days to an end.

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