Obama Deal Makes Iran Regional Superpower

President Obama, Valerie Jarrett and John Kerry finally got their nuclear arms “peace accord” signed with Iran.

The European Union hailed the agreement as a “new chapter in international relations”.

Indeed they are right.

When a president and his minions are hell-bent on signing a deal you have to automatically assume it’s not going to be a good one. It seems that through this process, with Obama making concession after concession, the end goal was merely to announce a deal with Iran. The document could’ve said anything.

(And by the way, amazing how a nuclear arms deal with a major enemy is just 100 pages while Obamacare ranges into the thousands).

Let’s just say it plainly: Obama’s goal orbits around the ability to proclaim himself as the man who brokered peace with enemy who’s been at war with us since they seized our Tehran embassy in 1979.

The administration clearly doesn’t care if Iran gets the bomb years down the road. Nor did they negotiate to assist an ally in Israel. This deal revolves around nothing more than historical legacy and ego.

From a negotiating point of view, as the EU proclaimed yes, this is a new chapter in international relations. It means you can bilk the United States in any negotiation. Like North Korea, you go out and build a nuke program and watch the US do headstands to get a deal. And, of course, we know how honest the North Koreans have been in upholding their agreements. They basically turn the threat on and off as they need more things. Such will be the case with Iran, although they seem focused on actually using their weapons at some point.

The deal clears the path for Iran — already a massive influence in the region — to become an Islamic superpower.

“The deal will give Iran billions in cash and sanctions relief to fuel its terror and war machines, shred the hard-won sanctions regime beyond repair, and enable the Iranians to get away with hiding the full extent of their nuclear work, infrastructure, and know-how. It will not have an enforceable inspections regime or a workable way to re-impose pressure on Iran when it cheats,” Josh Block, President and CEO of the Israel Project told Breitbart.com

Iranian Influence

The United States and EU — playing from a position of power via economic sanctions and isolation — relinquished their advantage just when Iran was most vulnerable. Instead of using covert operations to foment a revolution and de-stabilize the country politically and economically, they chose to arm them.

In Obama’s twisted way of thinking he truly believes a nuclear Iran will somehow balance the power in the Middle East. Iran has been the No. 1 de-stabilizing force in the region using proxies via Hezbollah and other terrorists groups. They have overtly killed American troops. They have overtly been at war with the United States since 1979.

The Iranians will STILL be declaring “Death to America” and “Death to Israel” even after this agreement.

And, of course, Obama has threatened Congress to not squash his efforts. While some politicians with pro-Israel backers/donors will make a window-dressing stink about it, this rubber-stamp Congress will ensure — after much showboating and false outrage — Obama gets his legacy deal.

More evidence that it’s time to sweep out Washington as they have now made the world an even more dangerous place. Hard to believe that’s possible, but such is the level of narcissism, corruption and incompetence in DC these days.