NY Man, Israeli Brother Charged In Odometer Tamper Scam

NEW YORK — A New York man and his Israeli brother are accused of lowering odometer readings — sometimes over 100,000 miles — to trick hundreds of buyers into paying inflated prices for cars.

Chaim and Schmuel Gali are charged in federal courts in Philadelphia and Brooklyn with conspiracy for allegedly running an odometer tampering scheme from 2006 through 2011.

It was unclear who will represent Chaim Gali in court. The U.S. plans to seek his brother’s extradition from Israel.

Indictments say the men eventually sold about 690 used vehicles they bought in Florida, Maryland, Missouri and elsewhere from a national vehicle leasing company. Authorities say they altered odometers to reflect false lower mileages.

Indictments said the men sold vehicles at wholesale auctions in Pennsylvania and New Jersey.