North Korea Back in Nuke Bomb Biz

When enemies see weakness, it’s only a matter of time before they act and such is the case as North Korea announced their nuclear bomb-making facilties are back in full swing.

North Korean strongman Kim Jong-un threatened the United States with nuclear holocaust as his hermit country resumed the production of atomic bomb fuel.

The country’s head of nuclear operations said North Korea’s scientists ‘made innovations day by day’ to ‘guarantee the reliability of the nuclear deterrent… as required by the prevailing situation’.

The “situation” refers to recent tensions between the North and South, which ratcheted up to extremely high levels in the past month and involve and exchange of artillery. The North Koreans claim the South’s loudspeaker-generated propaganda being blasted across the De-militarized Zone falls into the “provocative” category. The North Koreans tried to eliminate the speakers with artillery prompting a response from the South.

As both sides negotiated a cease fire, North Korea launched a large part of its submarine fleet. No one is quite sure where the fleet might be at this time.

North Korea’s belligerence comes at a time when the Obama Administration orchestrates its touchdown dance over the Iranian nuclear deal. The United States negotiated several agreements with the North Koreans to stop their advances toward nuclear weapons, but they’ve violated those agreements multiple times.