Nobel Laureate Calls Obama’s Global Warming Stance “Dead Wrong”

Nobel Prize-Winning Physicist Ivar Giaever Says Global Warming Is A “Non-Problem”

Former Obama supporter and Nobel Prize-winning Physicist Ivar Giaever had some choice words for the President and his recent remarks on climate change when he addressed the 65th Nobel Laureate Conference. Giaever, who became a laureate in 1973 for his work on quantum tunneling, said climate change is a “non-problem,” and that if he had the opportunity to tell the President what he thought, he would say, “Excuse me, Mr. President, but you’re wrong. Dead wrong.”

In 2008, Giaever and seventy other Nobel Prize winners supporting Obama in his bid for the United States presidency. But since doing his own research on climate change, he has since been “horrified” by what he found and left the American Physical Society for their stance on the issue. He was quoted as saying, ““Global warming really has become a new religion, because you cannot discuss it. It’s not proper.”

For an in-depth explanation behind the opinion, watch his full speech below:

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