Nike Shoes Almost Cause Riots

Near riots broke out in Orlando and Tampa as the new Niki Galaxy Foamposites One, a  $220.00 basket ball shoe, were supposed to go on sale at midnight.

Police in riot gear had to break up the crowds at Florida Mall in Orlando overnight…and here in Tampa at University Mall the sale of the shoes was called off by mall security.

The Hillsborough Sheriff’s Office said 800 to 1000 shoppers lined up overnight hoping to score the new shoes.

Shoppers say it was was a big mess, and they complained about the lack of organization. Finely mall security called off the sale due to concerns about the crowd and safety.

Today, shoppers tried again to score the highly collectable shoes, but they were again disappointment at University Mall.

The glow-in-the dark shoes may go for a reported $220 at the store, but can fetch far more online, with one pair going for $1,500 Friday morning on eBay.

Nike is reportedly only making a limited number of the shoes, so they’ve essentially become a high demand collectors item.

Shoppers tell said the shoes are only being sold in Orlando and Tampa.

Stores do not open until 10:30 a.m, but the shoppers are hopeful the release will happen this morning.

Unfortunately, it appears that will not happen.

Dozens of shoppers were seen being turned away after they say they were told Nike will not be selling the shoes at the mall today.

Nike says the Galaxy Foamposite was designed as ‘nod’ to the the space program in Florida.