News Change over the years with guest Al Ruechel

Bay News 9 senior anchor Al Ruechel joined Florida Tonight this evening to discuss TV news, broadcasting in general and how the times have changed over the years. With 20 plus years of news experience, Al really sheds light on his career and how his values have let him give the viewers a chance to stay safe and be informed with their community while building trust from their news source. A really fun interview with a rockin tune to close it out by Al himself, “back in the day.” Enjoy!!!

 Learn how Al got into his career and Klystron 9:    [audio:820/0626AL1.mp3|titles=Al Ruechel]

More on Al’s experiences:        [audio:820/0626AL2.mp3|titles=Al Ruechel]

Charlie Crist:        [audio:820/0626AL3.mp3|titles=Al Ruechel]

Covering the Zimmerman Trial:     [audio:820/0626AL4.mp3|titles=Al Ruechel]