Favorite Pier Design Chosen

The panel chose the Lens as the most favored design for St. Petersburg’s new pier, which Wave coming in second. The Eye was thrown out and will not be considered.

Three designs were presented to St. Petersburg’s City Council and the public a month ago for them to review and discuss the possibility of one of them becoming the new jewel on the water front as the new The St. Petersburg Pier.

Today, the five-member panel will meat at 8:30 a.m. at City Hall to complete a final ranking of the designs, which the city has proposed to pay $50 million for the new structure. They then made a recommendation to the City Council.

The three designs they are looking at are called:

  • The Lens– features an open loop out over the water. The loop includes a running and biking track and is big enough to get boats inside the lens.
  • The Wave– looks like a giant wheel. The loop is about 100 feet tall and could have multiple floors going up the sides of the loop with a top floor and an observation deck on top.
  • The Eye– features a sand beach around the end structure, complimented by other activities.