Murders Of Riverview Couple A Family Affair


The daughter-in-law of a couple found dead in their Riverview home Thursday is now charged with their murders.

Authorities say 30 year old Marisol Best (pictured below) killed 70 year old Virgil and 69 year old Shirley Best inside their Dixon Drive home.



Authorities say Marisol told them she got angry when the elderly couple began talking negatively about their son’s (her husband’s) upcoming court date on a Polk County arrest.

Marisol Best is married to the victims’ son, Robert Best, who found his parents’ bodies and called 911.

The elder Bests owned Quality Fins, a tropical fish farm on their property.

Marisol Best is on probation for interfering with child custody.

There is no word yet on the motive for the slayings or how the Bests were killed.