Miley Cyrus’ Parents File For Divorce

Billy Ray Cyrus and his wife Tish are heading down the path to divorce once again, after Tish Cyrus filed dissolution papers Thursday in L.A.

It’s not the first time in their 19-year marriage that Miley Cyrus’ parents have eyeballed divorce: In October 2010, Billy Ray filed, only to withdraw his petition five months later.

Tish, who says she doesn’t want her maiden name back, is seeking spousal support, payment of attorney’s fees legal and physical custody of daughter Noah Cyrus, 13, the only one of their five kids who’s still a minor, according to documents obtained by TMZ.

The couple released separate but nearly identical statements to People, calling the divorce petitions a “personal matter” to be resolved in the “best interest of our family.”

It would be a second divorce for Billy Ray, whose first marriage ended in 1991. He and Tish married in 1992.


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