Massachusetts Affidavit Reveals Crucial Details

Massachusetts_Murder_2013(CNN) — Philip Chism, the Massachusetts teenager accused of raping and killing his algebra teacher, became visibly upset when the teacher, Colleen Ritzer, spoke about the teen’s home state of Tennessee after class, according to a police affidavit unsealed Friday.

A ninth grade student told investigators that she was in class with Chism and Ritzer after school on the day of the crime, according to the police affidavit unsealed Friday. She said the teacher and Chism were talking about China but, at some point, Ritzer mentioned the student’s home state of Tennessee.

Chism became “visibly upset,” the student said. When Ritzer noticed that Chism was upset, she changed the subject, said the unidentified student, who described Chism as “talking to himself.”

Source: CNN