Man With A Knife Hijacks School Bus Driving 11 Students

school_bus_2013A man with a knife hijacked a school bus in central Arkansas Thursday morning, taking 11 elementary school students on a wild detour that police ended after a roughly 10-mile chase, authorities said.

The hijacker was detained after the incident, which began in the Little Rock suburb of Jacksonville and ended in Cabot, Jacksonville police Capt. Kenny Boyd said.

No one — including the 11 students of Pinewood Elementary School in Jacksonville — was injured, Boyd said.

The incident began with the man allegedly trying to take a woman’s car in Jacksonville, Boyd said. The bus had stopped in nearby, and the man abandoned his attempt on the car and boarded the bus, according to Boyd.

The bus then took off. It’s unclear at that point whether the hijacker was driving or was instructing the driver, Boyd said.


Source: CNN