Man Suing Airline For Sending Him To Wrong Place

British airways

Edward Gamson, a dentist from Bethesda, Maryland, is suing British Airways for sending him to Grenada instead of Granada.

He noticed he was heading to the wrong place once he got on a plane in a layover in London. The plane was heading west instead of south, where Spain is. He was going to a Caribbean island called Grenada, which is 4,000 miles away from his intended destination.

British Airways initially offered him and his travel companion $376 each, plus 50,000 miles, but Gamson told NBC News that the cost of the missed trip, including hotels, trains and tours, cost more than $34,000.

He’s now suing the airline.

The weird part here is that this has happened before, maybe on several occasions. The crew on the plane told Gramson told him that it had happened a week ago. Also, in October 2013 a grandmother thought she was also heading to Granada, a Spanish city.