Lung Cancer Is The Deadliest Cancer

Health_LungCancer_2013(CNN) — My patient, “Judy,” is one of more than 228,000 Americans this year who will be diagnosed with lung cancer.

And like most of her fellow lung cancer patients, she is struggling not only to learn all she can about her diagnosis and treatment options, but also to adjust to the overwhelming burden of shame and stigma that plagues this disease.

When asked who is providing her with support, Judy said she is ashamed to admit her metastatic, incurable cancer diagnosis to loved ones, and that she is bearing the burden alone. Because one of the strongest risk factors for lung cancer is smoking, our society has come to the conclusion that people diagnosed with lung cancer somehow deserve it, that it was brought on by their own “bad” behavior.
Tell a friend or colleague that your aunt just found out she has lung cancer. Almost always the response will be, “Did she smoke?”


Source: CNN