Mom’s Lie Gets Faster Police Response–To Jail

The woman who lied to police about her 3 year old being in the back seat when her car was stolen in Clearwater yesterday is now explaining why she did it.

24 year old Angelica Marrero says when her car was stolen several weeks ago, she didn’t think police responded quickly enough.

So, when it was stolen again yesterday, Marrero told cops her toddler was in the car, figuring that would get a faster reaction.

When the thief crashed her car 10 miles from where it was stolen, there was no child, and the thief claimed there was no one inside when he drove off.

Police later determined that the 3 year old was at his Pinellas Park daycare the whole time.

Marrero is charged with misusing 911 and marijuana possession.

The child’s father, Nestor Badillo, is charged with marijuana possession.

There’s no word if Marrero keeps getting her car stolen because she leaves the keys inside.