Lift: iTunes’ Most Inspiring App

liftLast night, as I was browsing the Apple App Store, I found Lift.

At first I thought it might be some type of workout app, like something to track your weightlifting ability. You know, the type of thing I should use if I ever found myself in that “gym” thing.

Even though I thought I’d never use an app like that, I clicked anyway.

What I had found was something completely different. I’d found the most inspiring (and awesome) app that I’ve ever downloaded to my phone.

Lift isn’t about lifting weights and getting cut at the gym. It’s about setting goals and supporting the goals of your friends. Ultimately, it’s about uplifting the quality of your life. The people at Lift created three steps to follow.

Set Goals: First, you browse groups like “Health & Wellness Habits” or “Productivity Habits”. From there you choose from actions like drink more water, do crunches, or eat more vegetables.

See Your Progress: After you pick the goal that fits you best, you can set when the app reminds you. When it does remind you, and you complete the task for the day, you “check in”. It tracks your progress weekly and monthly so you and your friends can see your improvement.

Get Support: This is the best part of the app. Your activity shows up on a feed where your friends can give you props. Say what!? So cool. Everyone likes to see their friends reaching their goals and improving their quality of life. It gives you the ability to motivate others, while also being motivated by those same people.

It really is that simple, and it will work if you want it to. In fact, it has worked for many people who you may share the same goals. Click here to read testimonials on Lift’s website.

The power to motivate and improve yourself is in your now hands. You’re welcome.