LeVar Burton Launches Kickstarter To Bring Back The Reading Rainbow

LaVar Burton

LeVar Burton wants to bring back “Reading Rainbow” for a whole new generation of children.

The man who asked us to “take a look, it’s in a book” is launching a Kickstarter campaign to fundraise $1 million dollars to bring his show back to the web.

The popular children’s show ran from 1983 to 2006 and continued in reruns until 2009.

Burton’s “Reading Rainbow” campaign will create a new version of the show available to any child with access to the internet.

He also plans on offering a “classroom version” of the program for teachers and is spearheading a not-for-profit that will give copies of “Reading Rainbow” away to low-income schools for free. The campaign offers various rewards for donating, including potentially getting to wear his famous “Star Trek” visor.

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