Lentil The French Bulldog Helps Kids With Facial Differences

He’s 5 months old, about 10 pounds of adorable, and he already has more than 90,000 Facebook friends.

His name is Lentil, and he’s a French Bulldog puppy who has made quite a name for himself in Philadelphia by helping raise awareness of children with craniofacial abnormalities affecting the head and face, such as cleft palate or cleft lip

Lentil’s story began in February when a litter of four puppies was born in New Jersey. All the puppies had facial defects; only Lentil survived, with a cleft palate and a cleft lip.

Because of his palate problems, Lentil was unable to eat or drink on his own, and he had to be fed through a tube every couple of hours.

He needed constant care, so Lindsay Condefer, a volunteer with the French Bull Dog Rescue Network of Philadelphia, stepped in to help.

She began a 24/7 feeding program, making sure Lentil was getting nutrition properly and frequently. His palate was so deformed that food and liquid going up Lentil’s nose and into his lungs was a danger.


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