Largo: Crane Tips, Damaging Home And Cars

Deputies in Largo responded to a crane that had tipped over in the 9000 block of Dream Way on Sunday.

According to deputies, Danny Tomas of Sustainable Tree Service was utilizing a heavy duty crane to remove a tree damaged in a storm earlier this week from the property of 50-year-old Melinda Jenkins when the crane began to tip over.

Tomas was able to jump off the crane to safety.

When the crane tipped, it caused damage to a Honda Civic owned by 54-year-old Megan Sampson; a 2011 Rockwood trailer owned by 64-year-old Robert Fasoldt; a 2003 Chevy Venture owned by 54-year-old Sandra Beard; and a 2003 Dodge 2500 van owned by 53-year-old Jeffrey Clause. Clauses’ home also took damage to the roof and base.

There were no damages on Jenkins’ property.

Duke Energy responded to the scene as the crane caused damage to a light pole.

No injuries were reported.

The investigation continues.