Key West Uber Driver Arrested

KEY WEST, Fla. (AP) _ Police in Key West have arrested an Uber driver following a crackdown on unlicensed vehicle-for-hire drivers.

Spokeswoman Alyson Crean told the Miami Herald that 51-year-old Martin Maness was arrested Friday on two misdemeanor counts of violating a city ordinance requiring drivers of any ride service to have a passenger vehicle-for-hire driver permit and vehicle license.

Crean says the arrest followed complaints that Uber drivers had been picking up passengers at Key West International Airport.

She says Maness drove undercover police officers to a resort.

Officials had said they’d start arresting drivers on July 1.

Maness was booked into jail Friday night and released on a $701 bond early Saturday.

It’s not known whether he’s hired an attorney. He faces up to 60 days in jail and a $500 fine.