KeriCure represents a first-of-its-kind liquid bandage created by USF-trained scientist

When her then boyfriend and now husband suffered a small hand laceration while at his job maintaining swimming pools in 2005, KeriCure founder Kerriann Greenhalgh wasn’t brainstorming about spearheading a breakthrough in wound care. Yet the incident inspired her to create what she deemed a necessary solution.

The infection that arose from the minor injury to Greenhalgh’s husband was so serious that it required surgery and nearly cost him the use of his hand.

Frustrated after the major hospital bills and complications the were the result of the minor cut, Greenhalgh began developing a water-based polymer as an artificial skin for major burn and chronic wound treatment while in graduate school at the University of South Florida. After graduating in 2007 with her PhD in organic chemistry, she continued to develop the polymer in a lab she setup in her garage in Wesley Chapel, where she honed the technology to be the perfect liquid bandage.

“I had always used the polymer in various forms on myself and especially my rescued dogs who always got cuts and skin irritations,” Greenhalgh said. “It wasn’t until later that I found out that the technology could also stop bleeding and help with a variety of skin conditions like cold sores and psoriasis.”

Greenhalgh launched KeriCure ( in 2012 with the hopes of bringing this new, highly effective technology to market. KeriCure Skin Protectant and its sister product, Natural Seal Skin Protectant, are formulated to deliver moisture, protect against infection, and help reduce scar formation in a variety of injuries and skin conditions.

“It acts like a second skin,” Greenhalgh said. “It’s a natural yet effective approach to keeping people safe from germs, and best of all, it doesn’t sting or burn when applied.”

As a mother herself, Greenhalgh understands the importance of sting-free wound care to protect every day scratches and scrapes. KeriCure features the patent-pending HydroShield Technology that is at the core of the KeriCure products and provides the unique attributes that makes these products stand apart from the competition.

KeriCure is unlike other liquid bandages because it is water-based, contains no harsh chemicals, and does not function like Super Glue, Greenhalgh explained.

“Our Natural Seal™ dries quickly and offers a sting free, protective cover that is designed to mimic the skin, which is the body’s natural barrier,” Greenhalgh said. “It can withstand activities like bathing and swimming, and serves as a more effective alternative to traditional bandages.”

KeriCure launched KeriCure Skin Protectant in July of 2013 in Kroger stores through the Southeast and in the Florida market in September 2013 in over 600 Publix stores with an additional 240 locations in Georgia, Tennessee, South Carolina and Alabama. Natural Seal is also available in health food stores nationwide.

The company plans to grow with additional grocery store chains in the Southeast, as well as nationwide in the natural grocery store market. KeriCure is exploring opportunities with Sweetbay, Winn Dixie, CVS and Whole Foods at the end of 2013 Greenhalgh added.