Kate Middleton’s $15,000 Hospital Suite: “It’s Like a 5-Star Hotel!”

She went on to describe the furniture and bedding of the suite, “You’ve got your duvets and nice comfy pillows. You have a sofa in there, chairs, fitted wardrobes,” before talking about the delicious menu.

“The food is delivered to you. You have a proper menu, so all—in fact you could probably ask for whatever you want and it’ll be delivered for you. You have a wine menu, there’s champagne, Diet Coke, coffee, tea—you name it. You could go in and say, ‘Could I possibly have a Lobster Thermidor?’ or whatever and it will arrive,” she explained.

McGrath continues to say that although this will be Middleton’s first child, she doesn’t need to worry about the delivery.


Source: eonline