Kalisz Shot Niece Over and Over

The Niece of a convicted killer tells jurors her story of when her Uncle shot and nearly killed her.

Manessa Donovan, who survived the shootings that left two others dead and another wounded two years ago, took the stand Thursday.

Manessa Donovan, who is Kalisz’s niece, told jurors Kalisz shot her four or five times and that she pretended to be dead because she wanted her uncle to stop shooting her.

Kalisz had already shot and killed her mother at her home-based business in Brooksville and two others, one of whom survived.

Manessa Donovan, who was pregnant at the time, said, “I decided that he wasn’t going to stop until he thought I was dead so I closed my eyes and put my head down,and when I opened them again he was walking away from me.”

When the defense cross examined Donovan, she said it looked like her Uncle was possessed by a demon.

Donovan testified that she heard one of the woman pleading for her life, saying ‘Please don’t kill me.  She said, “You know, she didn’t know him.”

The prosecution says Kalisz had the killing spree all planned out. They say he wanted to erase his sister’s bloodline because he was angry at her.  She had turned him in to authorities for exposing himself to her daughter, Donovan, who was a teenager at the time.

Donovan said, “They asked me who did this? What happened? I said my uncle shot everybody.”

Donovan, lost her baby during emergency surgery.

The trial could continue into the weekend as the judge wants to hand the case to the jury by Monday.