Girl Sets Family’s House On Fire

Police in Pasco County say a 14-year-old girl has been charged with one count of arson and two counts of attempted murder. She is a student at Chasco Middle School.

The fire occurred at 1:43 a.m. at 9005 Hermitage Lane in Port Richey. Fire crews arrived on scene within six minutes and discovered heavy smoke and flames. The girl’s mother and 9-year-old brother inside the home were woken up by a smoke alarm and got out. They explained to fire rescue that another person, the suspect, was unaccounted for. All efforts to locate the girl inside the structure yielded no result but the teen was eventually found by the fire investigators and taken into custody at 7432 Little Road.

The girl was questioned by detectives and admitted to setting the fire on purpose after an argument with her family the night before.

One thing discovered in the investigation is the girl has visited sites related to The Slender Man. She admitted to using the websites and, which are associated with The Slender Man. Police have no evidence to believe she did this because of the violence on these websites but it is still important to discuss as she visited these sites regularly. Therefore, there is always a concern when kids visit these sites because of the extreme violence associated with them.