Jury Convicts Vincent Brown of Murder

The jury returned a guilty verdict Wednesday morning in the murder trial of Vincent Brown.

Closing arguments wrapped up the case yesterday morning. Brown was accused of  putting his ex-girlfriend, Jennifer Johnson, in the trunk of a car and later killing her in 2008.

Johnson called 911 from the trunk of her car but police were unable to locate her.

The defense says that there’s a lack of physical evidence against Brown and that Johnson never mentioned Brown’s name when she called 911 before her death.

But the prosecution says there’s a lot of other evidence in this case including the statements he made to others and a voice message he left on his phone for callers to hear.

This is the first time a jury has been sequestered for the night in several years but Judge William Fuente said because of the magnitude of this case he had to sequester them by law.

On Monday, Brown told the judge he would not be taking the stand in his own defense.

If Brown is convicted, he could face the death penalty.