Joe Biden To The Tokyo Olympics Rescue?

One Olympic delegate thinks Biden’s can help get the Olympics to occur.

A Japanese International Olympic Committee delegates Haruyuki Takahashi is looking for Joe Biden’s help in assuring the world that the 2021 Tokyo Games will be safe because the United States is sending a team to Japan to compete in the event that starts July 23rd. Takahashi said “but if he makes a positive statement about the Olympics going ahead, we’d gain strong momentum. It’s up to the U.S. I hate to say it, but Thomas Bach and the IOC are not the ones who are able to make the decision about the games. They don’t have that level of leadership.” It is a rather interesting observation from a Japanese IOC delegate. The U. S. could make decisions and that will make planning for a COVID-19 pandemic Olympics easier for Japan and the IOC. Biden has not taken up the question of sending an American team to Japan.

Meanwhile there is all sorts of noise surrounding the Games. The IOC President Bach is pushing ahead with the plan to hold the Olympics in Tokyo and wants to get politics out of the way. Bach wants national Olympic committees to decide whether a team should attend the 2021 event. Meanwhile Bach is upset with the speculation and rumors that the Games would be canceled and that was “hurting athletes’. But Jimmy Patronis, the state of Florida’s Chief Financial Officer has told the IOC, come on down, the weather is fine. The whole problem in Japan is COVID-19. Florida has had about five times more cases of COVID-19 than Japan and five times the death toll. The Florida Chief Official said there is still time to deploy a site selection team to Florida to meet with statewide and local officials on holding the Olympics in the Sunshine State. That will not happen.

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President Joe Biden (AP Photo/Patrick Semansky)