Jimmy Fallon Crashes Universal Studios

Jimmy Fallon

In starting his visit to Orlando, Jimmy Fallon put the city in new lyrics to the Abba hit “Fernando.” He made fun of the humidity by playing a montage of local TV forecasts. He raved over the Incredible Hulk Roller Coaster at Islands of Adventure. “I almost thought I was going to die,” he said.

But Fallon’s main mission in bringing “The Tonight Show” to Orlando was to promote Diagon Alley, the expansion of the Wizarding World of Harry Potter.

Fallon plugged Wizarding World at the top of Monday’s show. He later said the attraction was like being in the movies and described the amount of detail as “nuts.” He also turned to Wizarding World for comedy. The pursuit of a real Harry Potter wand became a sketch filled with double-entendres about wand length.

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