Red Sox Caster’s Son Denies Killing Girlfriend

Jerry_Remy_2013CAMBRIDGE, Mass. (AP) — The son of Boston Red Sox broadcaster and former second baseman Jerry Remy denies he killed his girlfriend and insists he still loves her.

Jared Remy tells the Boston Herald for a story Monday that allegations he killed Stephanie Martel are “ridiculous.” He spoke as if he expected to be acquitted, using the term “when I get out.”

Remy talked to a reporter during jail visiting hours Sunday. He is being held without bail.

Prosecutors say Remy stabbed Martel during a dispute at their Waltham apartment on Aug. 15.

He pleaded not guilty in district court and is to be arraigned Tuesday in superior court.

Remy and Martel had a daughter together. Remy says the 5-year-old girl remains in state custody, although both sets of grandparents are seeking custody.

Source: The Associated Press