Want Donald Trump’s Cell? It’s 917-756-8…

Donald Trump read Senator Lindsey Graham’s cell phone number out to a South Carolina rally crowd in July. So the liberal website Gawker thought they would turn the tables on Trump by giving out his cellphone number.

“We think it’s only fair and right that Republican primary voters be able to reach out to Trump himself,” Gawker writes.

Trump says the number they gave out was an old number that he seldom used but he did take the opportunity to turn this into his advantage. If you call the number below, you will hear a voice-mail message that is an ad for his Republican campaign.

And yes…the voice mailbox is full so you cannot leave a message. Bummer!

Trump says he has six private cell phone numbers, some of which are super private and the number released was not one of those. Trump actually tweeted about the release of his number.
Trump At Gawker

Feel free to call the number yourself, or just watch the video below…I called it for you.