Learn How to Takeover the GOP

Dan Schultz, a lawyer, West Point graduate and former Army Human Intelligence Officer published a plan on Breitbart.com today that reveals potential chinks in the GOP Establishment’s armor.

Schultz outlined a plan for regular citizens to join the GOP as “Precinct Committeemen”. The committee personnel role requires very little time but holds a great deal of power within the organization. To sum up Schultz’s words, if a large number of Conservative committee people join the organization, they can essentially vote for and influence party leadership.

This, Schultz claims, is the dirty little secret the GOP hides from registered Republican voters.

From Breitbart.com:

Here’s the text of my “precinct committeeman recruitment flyer” that I use where I live:


If you really want to change the country, start by becoming a Republican Party Precinct Committeeman! It’s the most powerful office in the world because Precinct Committeemen determine who gets the chance to be elected to office at every level of government. Is saving your country worth a few hours of your time each month? I thought so. Please read on for what to DO.

1. To change things, we must change the laws.

2. To change the laws, we must change the people who make the laws.

3. To get elected, your candidate must be on the ballot.

4. To get on the November ballot you must win the Primary.

5. To win the Primary, you must get the support of people who make endorsements in the Primary, who reliably vote in the Primary, and who get out the vote of others in the Primary. Those people are the Precinct Committeemen.


Most importantly, by becoming a Precinct Committeeman, YOU GET TO ACTUALLY VOTE FOR THE PARTY LEADERSHIP. YOU GET TO CAST A VOTE FOR YOUR LOCAL REPUBLICAN LEADERS UP TO THE COUNTY LEVEL, AND THEN GET TO ELECT ELECTORS WHO ELECT THE STATE AND NATIONAL PARTY LEADERS. If those who accept, understand and advocate conservative principles become a majority IN THE PARTY RANKS, guess what? The Party leadership voted in will be those who accept, understand and advocate conservative principles. THE WINNING PRINCIPLES THAT PRODUCED THE REAGAN LANDSLIDES. The Party again might appear to the voters to offer a clear choice from the Democrat Party, rather than an echo of it. HELP MAKE IT HAPPEN – YOUR COUNTRY NEEDS YOU. HALF THESE SLOTS ARE VACANT!


Go here to learn more:

The Most Powerful Office in the World is NOT the President of the United States: http://www.eagleforum.org/misc/brochures/precinct-committman.shtml and www.theprecinctproject.wordpress.com.

Allison Leslie is a University of South Florida graduate with a bachelors degree in Mass Communications. She joined Genesis in 2016. With a passion for sports, Allison has interned with 620 WDAE, Pewter Report, Trifecta Team: St. Petersburg Bowl, Bullscast, and many other publications. Being a native to the Bay Area, she has followed and supported Tampa Bay teams her whole life.