Joaquin Veers Away, Charleston Floods

Hurricane Joaquin should veer away from the East Coast and head aimlessly up the middle of the Atlantic Ocean. The storm packs winds of 155 mph putting it just 2 mph below a Category 5 storm.

However, it will not spare Bermuda its wrath before wandering off to oblivion. The storm gained a head of steam and is moving at a brisk 16 mph with storm-force winds extending 70 miles out from the eye. If the storm continues on its current path Bermuda could dodge the heaviest portions of Joaquin as it passes to the west.

Meanwhile, Charleston, SC continues to be pummeled by another system that is expected to dump 8-10 inches of rain between Friday and Sunday.

“The flooding concern is by far the biggest concern at this point,” Jonathan Lamb, a National Weather Service meteorologist at the Charleston International Airport told The Post and Courier. “We’re probably going to have tidal flooding on top of a real heavy rainfall.”

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