Items You Should Stay Away From On Black Friday

As Black Friday approaches us, many deals and items are at their cheapest, which influences us to buy things based on great deals.

But there are many items you should avoid buying on Black Friday because you could get a better deal when it comes closer to the holidays in December. DealNews gives a list on things you should stay away from purchasing on Black Friday.

Exercise Equipment

Fitness Center

When the new year rolls around, people have their resolutions to work out and stay fit. But you should hold off on buying treadmills and equipment for Black Friday. In the Black Friday Editor’s Choice deals of 2012, December and January had more than five times the amount of exercise equipment than November’s deals had.

Winter Apparel

Winter Weather Economy

Although Black Friday is well-known for their deals on clothes and apparel, you should wait for your sweatshirt and sweatpants purchases. There are many online coupons for clothes, including Express items and Macy’s clothing for this Black Friday. But you can get even better deals on winter clothes when stores have their clearance sales January through March.

Brand-Name HDTVs


Usually you’d think that these items are the best to buy during Black Friday. Many brand names such as Vizio, Toshiba, etc. have their lowest price points of their products during the end of November. But brand-name TVs tend to sell their products at their lowest during late December, when the companies look to clear out the stock of their older televisions so that their new models can be displayed and sold.

New Laptops


Laptops are a highly purchased product during Black Friday. If you are looking to purchase a new laptop with high performance, you should wait until better prices are available during the summer back-to-school sales. Deals during the months of July and September tend to have offers that are 9% cheaper than November’s best deals.



When you are doing your November shopping, toys are tempting to buy for your children for the upcoming holidays. But you should hold off on buying your Barbie dolls and GI Joe’s until the toys are even more discounted a week or two before the holidays.