Iraq’s Death Toll in Past Week Pushed to 230

BAGHDAD — It’s one of the most sustained bouts of sectarian violence Iraq has seen in years — and it is showing no sign of winding down.

Today, a wave of attacks has killed more than 85 people in Shiite and Sunni areas of Iraq. That pushes the death toll over the past week to more than 230.

The bloodshed is still far from the scale seen during the dark days of 2006 and 2007, when Sunni and Shiite militias carried out retaliatory attacks against each other. But today’s attacks have heightened fears that the country could be turning back down the path toward civil war.

The targets of today’s attacks included markets and crowded bus stops during the morning rush hour.

Sectarian tensions in Iraq have been worsening since the country’s minority Sunnis began protesting what they say is mistreatment at the hands of the government, led by Shiites.

Source: Associated Press