Interview: US Ship To Transfer, Destroy 1,300 Tons of Syrian Chemical Weapons

The U.S. government cargo ship MV Cape Ray, has sailed into Italy to handle the transfer and destruction of 13-hundred tons of Syrian chemical weapons. One year ago, President Obama accused the Syrian government of using gas on its people and this is part of an effort to rid Syria of its chemical weapons.

In Italy, the MV Cap Ray will meet with the Danish ship Ark Futura, which is holding the chemicals.

The U.S. ship has two special machines on-board that will neutralize toxic chemicals, including mustard gas and methylphosphonyl difluoride, a chemical used to make nerve gas. Once the chemicals are neutralized, a process that will take approximately two months, according to the Pentagon. The remaining materials will then be processed and destroyed at chemical plants in the U.S. and Europe.

ABC News correspondent Tom Rivers joined us with details:

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