Interview: House Lawsuit Doesn’t Stop Obama’s Executive Orders

President obama

The House vote to sue President Obama for allegedly abusing his executive authority won’t dissuade him from keeping up his executive action drive. President Obama’s latest move, an executive order signed Thursday, making it harder for companies with a record of labor law violations to land federal contracts.

The House was supposed to vote Thursday on a 659 million dollar package to deal with the influx of unaccompanied minors, but leaders suddenly pulled the bill when it became clear it didn’t have enough support to pass. It was an afternoon of drama at the Capitol with some top Republicans heading back from the airport, to dive into a closed-door meeting over what to do next on a border bill.

The GOP conference is split, with some conservatives demanding language that aims to block the president from taking new executive actions on immigration. Talks will continue tomorrow, but some members say congress won’t recess for August, until the House votes.

ABC’s Ann Compton joined us for the latest.

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