Human Remains Match Six Missing People

Submerged_Car_2013(CNN) — Human remains from an Oklahoma lake match the general description of three teenagers who went missing in a car in 1970, but investigators are awaiting results from DNA testing to confirm their identities, the state medical examiner’s office said Thursday.

The medical examiner’s analysis also shows that the remains from a second car match the genders and adult age of three occupants in another car that went missing in 1969, according to the medical examiner’s office. DNA results are also pending in that case.

In an extraordinary discovery last month, both vehicles were found when a state highway patrol trooper was training with new sonar equipment on Foss Lake and came upon the two submerged cars, with remains of three people in each of them.

The findings provoked western Oklahoma residents to wonder whether two mysteries each involving three missing people in a car — occurring separately more than 40 years ago — may have finally been solved.

Source: CNN