How Much Of Shark Week Is Real?

It’s Shark Week again! The Discovery Channel has put together seven days and nights of shark filled shows that will teach you all about one of the ocean’s top predators. Most of the Discovery Channel shows have to do with research and the science behind sharks, their feeding habits and why they attack people. Discovery has thrown in a “documentary” about a recent Megalodon attack.

Megalodon The Monster Shark Lives” tells the story of a fishing vessel that was attacked in April 2013 off of the coast of South Africa. Everyone on board was killed and a marine biologist heads out to discover what kind of shark could cause that much death and damage.

Moments later the camera shakes and you see the people onboard get tossed around. Water pours over them and the scream for their lives.

Is Megalodon truly lurking in the deepest parts of the ocean waiting for unsuspecting fishing vessels to make a meal out of? No, it is not. Megalodon went extinct two million years ago when the climate change of the Ice Age wiped out its’ food source.

“Megalodon The Monster Shark Lives” is a fake documentary similar to Animal Planet’s “Mermaids The Body Found.” The experts featured in the film are actors; the real life events described in the movie are fiction or based on true events having nothing to do with a large prehistoric shark.


Source: Latin Times