Horrifying Crash Illustrates The Dangers In Driving While Rushed


This horrific accident is a perfect example of why you shouldn’t be in a hurry when driving. If you are in a hurry, take your time even though you know you’re running late.

The video below, captured from a truck’s dash cam while on the E-40 Aalter in Belgium, shows a Ford Focus in the far left lane quickly cutting over to the far right lane to get off the highway. What the 25-year-old driver doesn’t see past a semi in front of her is two or three stopped vehicles long the shoulder of the road.

She slams into the back of a stopped truck at full speed, completely shredding the car. Amazingly, even though she suffered a broken hand, broke her two top vertebrae and the crash put her in a coma, she is recovering in the hospital, according to news station HLN.

If all that’s not enough, the Focus gets hit by the truck filming the incident, of which had no where to go because a) it’s a semi — big vehicles don’t maneuver easily and b) it had a semi beside it preventing it from changing lanes.