Helpful Tips To Prevent Shark Attacks

If you’re worried about getting attacked by a shark in Florida, there are ways to prevent shark attacks. The Florida Fish and Wildlife Commission says attacks are extremely rare, but they do happen nonetheless. With this in mind, here are some helpful tips to help prevent attacks.

1. Always stay in a group. Sharks don’t usually attack a group of people, but a solitary person.

2. Don’t wonder too far from shore. This isolates you and puts you farther from assistance.

3. Avoid swimming during evening or twilight hours when sharks have an advantage over you.

4. Don’t enter the water if you’re bleeding from an open wound.

5. Avoid waters near fishing piers or areas, sewage, etc.

6. Dolphins do not indicate the absence of sharks. This is a myth.

7. Use extra caution in murky waters.

8. Sharks see contrast well. Uneven tans or bright shiny objects or clothes may attract them.

9. Refrain from excess splashing.

10. Do not put pets in water. Their erratic movements may attract sharks.

11. Be careful around sandbars and deep sea dropoffs. This is where sharks like to hang out.

12. Only swim in areas with lifeguards.

13. Wearing jewelry is not advised. The shininess represents fish scales.