Haverfield Aviation, Inc. Helicopter Saves Bird From Live Wire

Haverfield Aviation, Inc. flies in for the rescue

A seagull, tangled in power lines, had been stuck for days high above the water near the Lesner Bridge in Virginia Beach.

On Thursday, about 8:40 a.m., a Haverfield Aviation, Inc. helicopter swooped in beside the lines so a man perched on the edge of a platform could grab the bird.

Then they flew away together.

The bird was was rescued and given to the U.S. Department of Agriculture, according to Dominion Virginia Power spokeswoman Bonita Billingsley Harris.

Dominion was notified about the bird Tuesday morning, but a bucket truck would not have been able to reach the seagull.

Thankfully Haverfield Aviation was able to come to the rescue, you could say it was one bird coming to the rescue of another.

Source: HamptonRoads.com